Q. I have received an incorrect/missing/defective item in my order. What should I do now?

A. Oops, this is mightily embarrassing. We are very sorry and we will like to make it up to you! Please drop us a mail at youareimportant@handphoneshop.com with the following details:

  • Your order number
  • The matter of the issue e.g. incorrect/missing/defective item
  • The serial number found on the product tag, or product packaging
  • Pictures, if applicable

We will follow up on this closely and give you a satisfactory answer within 2 working day!

Q. Why are some of the products available in your retail outlets not available online?

A. We want to reward you for shopping online hence we only put up selected items which we have tied up with our partners for exclusive deals for you.

Q. How many products can I order at one time?

A. While there are no limit to the quantity to a particular item that you may purchase at one time, we may, at our discretion, limit the maximum quantity for selected promotional items to allow other users to purchase or to prevent reselling to other retailers. Should we need to amend your orders, our customer service team will drop you a call to confirm the order and quantity.

Q. How do I place an order?

A. Thinking of enjoying a bargain found at our website? Simply click the “Buy” button and the item will be added to your cart! In the event that you wish to know more about the product before buying, simply click on the image to read up more about it. Happy bargain hunting!

Q. How can I track my order?

A. Wondering where is your shiny new toy currently? Simply check with our friendly Customer Service team at  6333 3313 with the following details ready for us look into our GPS system to track down your orders!

  • Order number
  • Date of purchase
  • Item purchased
  • Shipping address and delivery time slot


Q. Can I still change my address, or cancel my order, after the order is confirmed?

A. Buying a surprise gift(s) for your loved one but he/she changed location? Have to leave the office/home for some last minute errands just before the delivery time ? We totally understand! Alert our Customer Service team at  6333 3313 (Monday to Friday, 10am - 6pm) and we will try to modify your delivery accordingly.

Q. What is your delivery policy?

A. We pride ourselves in our Speedy Gonzales delivery system. We aim to deliver your purchase(s) within the next working day, or in the worse case scenario, 48 hours. All subjected to weather and traffic conditions. Do note that we only delivery within Singapore currently.

Q. What if I am not at home when my package arrives?

A. Hmmm, we were sure that we arrived within the appointed period and was not late. In such an event, our courier will leave a slip for you to contact our customer service team to reschedule your delivery. Please take note that we do not accept acceptance of delivery on your behalf to avoid complications which might arise due to fraud or loss.

Q. Are there any areas that mobilemallsg.com does not deliver to?

A. Due to restrictions and limitations placed by certain institutions and organisations, we are sorry to share that we are not able to make deliveries to the following areas:

  • Jurong Island
  • Tuas Link
  • Changi Cargo Complex
  • Country Clubs
  • Army Camps
  • Seletar Aerospace
  • Off-shore Islands such as Pulau Ubin, Sister Islands, St John Islands
  • Turf Club Avenue
  • Resorts World at Sentosa
  • Singapore Prison Quarters
  • Airbase sites
  • SATS Inflight Catering Centre 1
  • ST Kinetics
  • Shipyards
  • Powergrid
  • Should you work at the above locations, we strongly encourage you to set your delivery address to a location where our drivers can deliver to, such as your home address.

Q. What should I look out for during acceptance of my purchase?

A. Please look out for our quality seal on the purchase item box and unseal it personally for checking at the point of delivery. Our courier will also go through the item(s) in the package to ensure that there are no missing items or manufacturer defects

Q. What if the seal is broken at the point of delivery?

A. Gasp! Please reject the delivery and contact us at 6333 3313 immediately for us to follow up. We take a serious view on seal tampering and will investigate thoroughly so as to ensure that no items are tampered with or stolen.


Q. Where can I go if my purchases are spoiled over time?

A. What?!? How did it spoiled so fast? In cases like this, please visit the nearest service center for the product(s) you purchased and seek their advice. Please note that the sales invoice needs to be presented to the service center prior to any servicing.

Q. What forms of payment methods do you offer?

A. At handphoneshop.com, you can easily make payment via the following methods:

  • Cash on Delivery (COD): Allows you full freedom to pay with cash when the courier delivers the parcel to you. Do get some change ready!
  • Nets on Delivery (NOD): Allows you full freedom to pay with nets when the courier delivers the parcel to you. Do get your nets card and the pin number ready!
  • Paypal: Opt for Paypal payment method while shopping on handphoneshop.com! It is easy and secure. Simply select the Paypal payment option at the check-out page.

Q. How will I know that my payment went through successfully?

A. All successful transactions are followed up by a confirmation email that contains an order number and sales invoice within an hour of purchase. If you did not receive any confirmation email, please contact our Customer Service team at 6333 3313, Monday to Friday, 10am - 6pm, to confirm the status of your payment.

Q. I have 2 discount codes from handphoneshop.com . Can I use them together at the same time?

A. Hmm, our Handphoneshop Santa must be working overtime giving out discount codes so freely! Unfortunately, you are only able to use 1 code per transaction so choose your discount wisely! Take note that due to certain limits, some discount codes might turn invalid as the max quantity have been reached by other users earlier in the day. So don't hoard those codes for too long!

Q. I keyed in the Welcome Gift code sent to me when I signed up as a member, why does the system say that it is invalid when I try to use it?

A. Please log in to your account before using the code. It should work fine after you have logged in! If not, please drop us an email at askus@handphoneshop.com for our library wizards to check through your transactions to see if there was an error somewhere or if you have expended the welcome code previously. Please take note that the Welcome Gift code can only be used once.


Q. I've changed my mind and would like to cancel my order that was wrongly purchased. Will I be refunded?

A. We understand that hasty decisions are made at times when it comes to shopping. Should you like to cancel your order before we send our delivery guy to deliver your item, please contact our Customer Service team immediately at 6333 3313 or askus@handphoneshop.com. An administrative fee of $5 will be deducted if you made your payment via PayPal and the remaining amount will be refunded back to you.

Q: I just received my phone. What should I do?

A: When our delivery personnel reaches your doorstep to deliver the phone to you, do check to make sure that all items that you have purchased are all accounted for. All phones and products should come sealed with a A-Mobile sticker. If you realised that it has been torn or tampered with, do not accept the delivery. If you realised that there is a cosmetic defect such as a chip or a crack on the phone upon opening, do not accept the delivery as well. At this point, you are still allowed to reject the delivery. Immediately inform the delivery personnel and he will schedule a re-deliver for a brand new set for you. 

Do also note that all our products come with a One Year warranty with the manufacturer. Do proceed to their service centres with the tax invoice to have them service should anything happens after that. 

Q: I was using my phone for a few hours now, but, it’s not up to my expectations. What can I do?

A: We understand that every customers have different expectations for everything. As much as possible, we seek your understanding that each different phones have different specifications and different way of using it. We would encourage all customers to research more into the phone that they are planning to buy before making the actual plunge. Know what you are buying before making the wrong decision.

Q: I will like to get a refund for the item that I just received.

A: We will only proceed to do a refund if they met all the following specifications:

  • Item is intact, unopened.
  • A-mobile seal is uncut.
  • Packaging is good, if not, perfect condition.

If you realised that “Hey, there is a chip/ crack/ or it’s timing too long to boot up”, please refer to our answer on factory defects. Or “Hey! It’s not what I think it should be..”, please refer to the above on managing your expectations. We will accept your emails and feedbacks on the quality of products. But refunds will only be accepted if all three conditions stated above are fulfilled.

For further enquiries, please email in to askus@handphoneshop.com.